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We are proud to announce the promotion of Samantha Piercy to Director of Operations, Tune Up; The Manly Salon.

Samantha has been with the company for over five years, starting off as a stylist with us in the original Magnolia, Tx location.

Because of her disciplined work ethic, Extreme Ownership mentality, self-drive and always going above and beyond, she earned continual advancement opportunities within the organization, that has led her to this new role on the executive team.

Her experience from stylist to salon Manager to District Manager, overseeing operations of multiple locations, has given her the practical experience necessary to be both proficient and effective as Director of Operations.

During Sam's tenor at Tune Up, she has taken part in the initial hiring, training and openings of 41 of the current 52 operating locations.

"Her resume within the company speaks volumes for herself, and also reinforces a key principal of the company; to cultivate, develop and promote the people from within the Company as we grow together." said CEO Anthony Milton.

If you would like information on joining our team at Tune Up; The Manly Salon, visit



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