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Tilted Concepts Sales Growth Outperforming US Retail Sales

Tilted Concepts and its brands experiencing 9.62% Year Over Year sales growth outperforming US retail sales reports May 2023. As market shifts continue to occur and consumer confidence declines, momentum within the Tilted brands continues to rise.

In response to recent May 2023 sales reports, CEO Anthony Milton said, "I couldn't be more confident in our concepts and every location between the brands. These financial indicators reflect our culture giving every single customer an experience they want to repeat and share with others at Balanced Foods, Tune Up; The Manly Salon and Martinis & Manicures. I firmly believe it's because we have the best team operating and the best customers believing in us every day."

“Consumer confidence declined in May as consumers’ view of current conditions became somewhat less upbeat while their expectations remained gloomy,” said Ataman Ozyildirim, Senior Director, Economics at The Conference Board.

And though retail sales in the US increased 0.4% in April of 2023, performance is still well below market forecasts of a 0.8% increase with continued nominal gains.

"Consumer behavior is rooted in values, and when a brand aligns with those values, consumers show their preference with their dollar. Consistently deliver on those values at every touchpoint and you become their brand of choice. It's often been said that retail is dead. I disagree. Bad retail is dead. The brands that remain focused on giving both their internal and external customer the best experience are the one's who remain. Our numbers reflect that with confidence." said Michael-David Reilly, Director of Marketing of all Tilted's brands.

As 2023 continues to show positive performance across the board, Tilted has its eyes on growing its footprint across the US opening up new franchise opportunities.

"We've proven the concepts. Having nearly 70 grand openings across the brands, we are aggressively looking to expand in multiple markets giving new franchise partners the opportunity to succeed right along with us." said CEO Anthony Milton.

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