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Tilted Owners Rescue Mission For Ukrainian Orphans

The tragic events occurring in Ukraine have put thousands of orphans without basic essentials of shelter, water, & food. Candice Weeter, one of the principle owners of Tilted Concepts LLC., is on a mission to help and asking others to join the effort with a donation.

"I have been a foster mom for some exceptional kids from Ukrainian orphanages. I am traveling to Warsaw, Poland to help get these kids, and others, situated once they are across the border and have nothing and no place to go." Candice wrote on her Facebook page.

Her daughter Nelya (shown in photos above) crossed the Ukrainian border alone into Poland a couple of days ago after traveling hundreds of miles in the cold weather with no sleep, water or food for days, running from the war zone that was unfolding.

Candice secured a hotel room for Nelya in Warsaw for a week. But as the events unfold with the unrest causing many more children and teens to run for safety, the demand for basic essentials are at a critical state as the border into Poland has become a bottleneck for tens of thousands seeking refuge.

"With Nelya's help, I plan to help many other children of the community now displaced and scared. I look at my mission as a HUG (things they need) to help them move to the next phase in their journey. I am also working with a church that will be helping other families with essentials and boarding for non-orphan children." Candice continued saying.

Communicating via Facebook Messenger, Nelya said, "There are many like me. I'm alone but trying to stay positive. It's very cold and scary."

Candice is going document and share her journey to Warsaw later this week to show how donations from those who feel compelled, on a public Facebook Group called "Hope is in a HUG" with 100% of the donations going to these children in need. (link below)

"I have a very special connection with Ukraine and I have decided to go to Poland and give my love, help and support to these teens and children I love. Even $5.00 will make a huge difference to them."

A donation account has been setup on FreeFunder (link below) to accept any donation.

"At the end of the day, we are people, and at times, need help. Candice has the full support of everyone at Tilted Concepts and we are proud to do our part to help these children caught in the middle of these tragic events in Ukraine." CEO Anthony Milton said.

To donate --> CLICK HERE

To Follow Candice's Journey To Help --> CLICK HERE



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