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100% Tilted Sits with Rob Andrews, Author & Leadership Advisor to Fortune 500's

Recently, Michael-David Reilly, Tilted Concepts Director of Marketing, sat with Rob Andrews, author & leadership advisor to Fortune 500's as CEO of the international firm, Allen Austin, to talk about leadership, working with millennials and creating good culture in today's workplace on the show, 100% Tilted - Discussions with Winning Underdogs.

On location at the main office of Allen Austin in Houston Texas, Rob Andrews was candid with Michael-David, sharing his experience working with many of the world's top companies in leadership, culture, executive search as well as the origin of his own career path leading him to be one of the world's most sought after experts after starting as a cashier at U-Totem convenience store.

Since 1996, when Rob founded Allen Austin Global Executive Search, his authentic curiosity and humble expertise paved a runway that now has his firm spanning the globe in 3 countries and 10 cities from Houston, London, Moscow, Washington D.C. and more, helping startups to Fortune 500's with intelligent executive search from the c-suite to executive boards along with leadership & culture development within organizations.

"Leadership is not about the leader!." Rob said with the precision of a samurai sword during the conversation between he and Michael-David.

The very structure of Allen Austin reflects his outlook as it is comprised of many business leaders and partners that bring their wealth of experience together to impact every client.

To learn more about Allen Austin and what they do, visit their website

In the new episode of 100% Tilted - Discussions with Winning Underdogs, the conversation between Michael-David and Rob Andrews is not your typical fluff piece. There are actionable takeaways that any leader of today can take and apply into their organization at any level.

You're going to want to sit down with cup of coffee, pen and paper and and enjoy being at the table with these two as they discuss and explore what effective looks and sounds like, what it doesn't, and how to turn your company around from the inside out with a culture that your team can buy in to and help you grow.

So get your pen and notepad ready, because Rob Andrews is going to give you valuable insights and tactics that have taken decades to innovate and integrate into some of the world's greatest organizations.

If you want to learn many of Rob's strategies, grab a copy of his book, "High Performance Human Capital Leadership". You can grab one HERE .

You can connect with Rob and Allen Austin, click the links below:

This new episode is available in all your favorite platforms from YouTube to Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Alexa and more. For links, CLICK HERE

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Catch Rob's episode on YouTube below.

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