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Tune Up & Balanced Foods Sponsored MMA Fighter Lucas Brennan Wins by KO

Tune Up; The Manly Salon and Balanced Foods sponsored Pro MMA fighter Lucas "Skywalker" Brennan, wins his recent fight against Weber Almeida by KO on Friday August 11th on Showtime!


Coming into the fight, Lucas Brennan (9-0 MMA, 9-0 BMMA) was facing a solid opponent in Weber Almeida (7-2 MMA, 5-2 BMMA). In the third round with his back against the wall facing his first defeat, Lucas landed a highlight-reel worthy clench knee to Weber's face.

To ensure his victory, Lucas immediately landed a hammer fist just as Almeida fell to the floor, sealing the win.

Ranked 7th in the Featherweight class of the Bellator MMA organization as of August 16, 2023, Lucas is an American mixed martial artist and jiujitsu fighter who is a two-time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion.

Since turning pro in July of 2019, Lucas has gone undefeated in all eight of his previous fights. stated him as "the fighter to watch"!


Considered a submission specialist with six of his eight wins coming by way of tapout, this fight came to a quick end with a crushing clench-knee to Weber's face, as seen below. Check out the highlight of that fight-ending moment for Lucas!

During his press conference post-fight, Lucas said, "This was one of the toughest fights I've had. But I've been doing a lot of the move, much to the detriment of my guys. I'm happy it paid off." Watch the entire post-fight press conference with Lucas below.

Even though his opponent Weber Almeida, in the Bellator298 event, came with a reputation with a strong takedown defense, Lucas came prepared and ready.


The son of former UFC fighter Chris "The Westside Strangler" Brennan, Lucas was first introduced to combat sports at the age of 12. Now, at 23 years old, the legacy continues at the guide of his dad, who is also his head coach..

Chris Brennan, founder of Next Generation MMA in Frisco Texas, and Tilted Concepts Director of Marketing Michael-David Reilly were discussing the outcome of the Bellator298 fight, and Chris said, "Well, we drilled that knee 1,000 times in camp, and again backstage before we walked out. It was bound to land. Weber had much better takedown defense than the last time we saw him fight. He (Lucas) was obviously happy with the outcome, but we're ready to move forward."


"We are grateful for the support of Tune Up; The Manly Salon and Balanced Foods. We couldn't do this without great companies like yours behind us." Chris said.

Tilted Concepts CEO Anthony Milton said, "Supporting Lucas was a no-brainer. A Texas up and coming fighter with grit to do what it takes and put in the work to win. That's exactly how we operate as an organization. When I heard of the father/son legacy that Chris & Lucas had going on, I knew that's something we could get behind for both brands."

Anthony continued, "We're all proud of Lucas for his win. He gave a good fight and never gave up. That's what it takes. He has a great career ahead of him and we're proud of the partnership we've started together."

When Lucas was asked what's next, he said, "You'll be seeing me before 2024!", and we are proud to be part of his journey!

You can follow Lucas on both Instagram and TikTok @LucasBrennanMMA and on his Facebook Fan Page HERE

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