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Tune Up takes on HR 821

CEO Anthony Milton (left) along with Dir of Marketing Michael-David Reilly (right), recently went to meet up with US Congressman Morgan Luttrell (center) of Tx 8th District at his Congressional town hall in Montgomery County.

Morgan Luttrell is working hard for our district and we are working with him on pushing HR 821 through legislation and over the goal line.

If you haven’t heard of HR 821, CLICK HERE.

The Small Business Tax Fairness and Compliance Simplification Act would reduce the FICA employer paid taxes on the salon/spa industry and match what is already in place for other industries that have heavy customer tips (restaurants and bars).

Preserving that capital in the small businesses helps spark future development and increased compensation for employees.

CEO Anthony Milton said, "It’s one of those rare times where TUNE UP "The Manly Salon" Magnolia and its competitors Sport Clips Haircuts , Floyd's 99 Barbershop , The Boardroom Salon For Men and others are aligned!"

To contact Congressman Morgan Luttrell's office, visit HERE!

Franchising options available! Contact us HERE for more information.



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