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Balanced Foods Goes Toe-to-Toe with Chick Fil-A

Balanced Foods, Houston-based pre-packaged healthy food retail concept, goes toe-to-toe with Chick Fil-A, comparing a couple of customer favorite menu items against their own.

To be fair, Chick Fil-A doesn't profess to be a healthy food chain, unlike Balanced Foods whose menu focuses on high quality, flavorful, low glycemic, gluten-free nutritious healthy meals.

Both fast-casual concepts target the convenience factor with their quick, grab-n-go menu, BUT Balanced Foods wanted to give consumers who are crunched for time, healthier options that can still meet the demand for great tasting, healthy meals to fit their busy lifestyle.

CEO Anthony Milton said, "We founded Balanced Foods on the simple idea that everyone wants to eat healthier, but the hangup is the time it takes. So we took the work out of it all together and crafted our entire menu around great taste and convenience. As a dad to 4 kids, I also relate to the needs all parents share wanting good food without having to prepare it yourself simply due to a lack of time. Quite honestly, we shouldn't have to sacrifice good quality, healthy food to save time. That's where our slogan, 'Fresh, Fit, Fast' originated."

"We make a lot of assumptions as consumers, and one of those is what we believe to be healthier food based on marketing, and we can be unaware of what we are actually eating. We are giving consumers a clear idea of their options and the ability to make good educated buying decisions when it comes to their food choices. By doing side-by-side comparisons of our meals next to popular brands like Chick Fil-A and others, the response from customers both new and returning have been nothing but positive. Comments like, 'Wow, I had no idea!' have been the common feedback!" said Michael-David Reilly, Director of Marketing.

If you follow the social media pages of Balanced Foods, you will see their continual content campaign showing their menu next to various meals from fast-food brands to other "healthy" meals found in the grocery store frozen isles.

Instagram Post #1: CLICK HERE

Instagram Post #2: CLICK HERE

Balanced Foods Director of Operations, Nicole Bullock said, "Since day one, we like to educate our customers on what better nutrition looks like. When we do free nutritional consults with them and discuss what they have been eating, so often their diet includes a lot of fast food or other convenience foods that either look or sound healthy. When we compare macros, ingredients and even the flavor, people are surprised. This content campaign has been a big hit with our customers. As both a mom and health-conscious adult, I like knowing what the options are so I can make the best choice, like anyone else."

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To see Chick-Fil-A's menu and nutritional labels, visit HERE

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