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Cultivating An Entrepreneurship Culture

Success is never achieved alone. It’s a reward due to the efforts of the collective.

As a culture of entrepreneurs, one of our daily drivers is to foster the entrepreneurial spirit that is in all of us no matter the role.

In it's boiled down definition, an entrepreneur is a problem solver who accepts the ownership of any and all aspects of business, leaning in to the daily challenges that arise, and learn to thrive in the face of issues where others run.

It’s that trait of “figureoutableness” that makes the difference in one who is successful in their specific role and who is effective overall.

The past two days have been about training our teams with Balanced Foods and Tune Up; The Manly Salon, and sharpening their skills to be better humans and the best skilled at what they do.

As we all know, communication is key to a team knowing what's expected and even more, have direct and open conversations to feel heard and valued.

If you want to know our secret as to how we’ve been thriving the past 18 months when others are either struggling to stay afloat or closing … it’s simple.

Our team are all dedicated to being coachable.

You can have the most qualified of teachers, but if the mindset is not open to learn … you’ll never make progress and only grow more frustrated.

As entrepreneurs, the only thing that generates progress is taking action and executing on ideas believed to be the strategies and tactics that will move the needle in the forward direction.

So we continually look at implementing practical tactics that align with the goal of collective growth and heart-centric culture.

From our Book of the Month program to our weekly coaching breakouts and our leadership, influence, marketing, sales and business classes for our teams company-wide are all designed to cultivate growth in everyone.

In our many years in business and entrepreneurship, we’ve learned several valuable lessons that took countless mistakes and failures to understand.

One of the most important lessons has been that the most successful teams are not compiled… they are cultivated.

That is a result of our widespread trait of empathy in everyone we hire paired with the desire to see everyone succeed TOGETHER.

This is just one of the many reasons why we are not only still standing … but continuing to grow.




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