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Does Elon Musk Have It Right?

Elon Musk has his fare share of critics. And this quote is certainly one of them. But if you shared this quote in a room of entrepreneurs, they will nod their heads in agreement.

Too often, lofty goals are considered "unrealistic" by those who are more concerned with the sacrifice required than the rewarding sense of accomplishment of the resulting win.

One of the common mentalities of every guest on our 100% Tilted - Discussions w/ Winning Underdogs show is ... they never mention how many hours they have to work to succeed.

SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell was employee No. 7, when hired in 2002. Nearly 20 years later, she still loves working for Musk, but will admit, it is intense.

"There's no question that Elon is very aggressive on his timelines, but frankly, that drives us to do things better and faster," Shotwell said in a 2018 TED talk.

When Tilted CEO Anthony Milton lines out the annual, quarterly and monthly goals, they are lofty for a reason. Eyes roll and you can see the "OMG!" on everyone's face.

But, there is a reason why the entire leadership team will pause, and pause for good reason and lean in to make it happen.

Hence why we experienced sales records and new unit growth & expansion during 2020 where others were on the decline.

Anthony has this incredible level of optimism that looks through the discomfort that will be required, but the awareness that he is also creating an opportunity for his entire team to reach a new level of capability and success ... together and individually.

"I don't like being comfortable. Comfort doesn't make anyone better. I like challenges. Challenges that make you question if you can, are the very ones that create growth. And I like growth ... as an individual, as a team and as a company." Anthony said.

Samantha Piercy, Director of Operations for the Tune Up; The Manly Salon division of Tilted has been with the company 5 years. She recently said in a conversation with coworkers, "I honestly have no idea how many hours I work. I just do the work that's needed to grow."

And that outlook is shared company-wide, and by design in the hiring and promoting selection process within Tilted Concepts.

To be the most effective at building a company that experiences consistent growth, cultivating an entrepreneurial culture, though intense, has created the strongest, most dedicated and resilient team.

Just one of the many reasons why we are not only still standing ... but still growing.

2021 is on the path to being yet another record year. Who's wanting to be on that path with us? Get in touch with us HERE



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