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Drug Addict to Bounty Hunter - NEW on the 100% Tilted Show

We've seen the shows and movies of being a bounty hunter, but what's it really like? In this episode of our show, 100% Tilted - Discussions with Winning Underdogs, we sit down with one of Texas' most fierce bounty hunters, Elliott Sondag, and hear his story going from a battle with drugs and alcohol and being in jail to flipping the script to become the bail bondsman and hunter.

Close friends with well-known "DAWG" the Bounty Hunter, Dwayne Chapman, and his son Leland, Elliott's career takes him from boardrooms to staking out for days on end in the dirtiest of hideouts to capture the "skips" who didn't show up in court.

"I hate it for them. I do. Especially knowing their friends and family typically pay the bond and put themselves on the hook. In the end, I'm helping to save them from themselves." Elliott said

Elliott shares the business side of Bail Bonds, how they work, and how the Bounty Hunter role is needed and makes money in the end. PLUS, making a drastic lifestyle change to becoming a pescatarian.

Catch the entire video episode on YouTube, or the audio version on your favorite audio platforms at the link below!

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