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GRAND OPENING - Kenosha Wisconsin

GRAND OPENING ALERT!! - Congratulations to our new franchisees Edita Emini & Jennifer Kundert on their first Tune Up; The Manly Salon franchise location in the thriving city of Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Marking the 63rd Tune Up grand opening in a 6th state since we started in October of 2015, our footprint continues to prove that the American dream is possible when you have a dedicated team working together.

Having built great relationships with local area business owners and breweries, this location in Kenosha is set to be an incredible success for these two entrepreneurs now part of the Tilted Concepts family.

As we look back at our consistent growth the past 22 months, it's exciting to think ... 2021 isn't over and we have much to get done.

Looking for a proven franchise model that's paired with hands-on franchisor support from the very start, we have 3 choose from and are happy to talk with you about options.

Contact us HERE today and one of our experienced owners will be in touch with you directly.

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