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Marcus Luttrell, Ret. Navy SEAL & Author of "Lone Survivor"

Retired US Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell openly shares how he became a SEAL after growing up in Willis, Tx running from fights and being a surprise twin as a guest on our show, 100% Tilted - Discussions with Winning Underdogs, hosted by Tilted's CEO Anthony Milton and Director of Marketing, Michael-David Reilly.

As most know of his story as depicted in the book and movie, Lone Survivor, where actor Mark Wahlberg portrayed him, being the only member of his SEAL Team to survive Operation Red Wings in Afghanistan on June 28, 2005.

Those events left Marcus with a story that only he can tell, and believes it's what keeps the memory of his SEAL brothers alive, who lost their lives that day.

Marcus Luttrell's story about growing up in Willis, Tx with twin brother Morgan, serving in the SEALs together, his experience and lessons learned during his service in the Teams, life as a civilian and how his mission is now focused on his wife, children, helping veterans suffering with PTSD through his non-profit, Lone Survivor Foundation, to being a public speaker and producing his own talk show, Team Never Quit with his brother Morgan, is nothing short of aspirational.

We were honored to welcome Marcus and his wife Melanie to our headquarters in The Woodlands, Tx and have a candid, heartwarming, and inspiring discussion about his life then, now and his mission in life moving forward as a husband, father, podcaster, business owner and compassion to help others.

Our podcast, 100% Tilted - Discussions with Winning Underdogs, is available on all audio & video platforms from YouTube, iTunes / Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, Alexa and more.

To watch/listen to Marcus's episode and others, links to our show on the above platforms CLICK HERE



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