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We are excited to announce the new locations of Tune Up "The Manly Salon" and Balanced Foods this quarter that are well under way in construction with their grand openings in sight!

New locations for Tune Up "The Manly Salon" opening in May are:

Rosenberg, Tx - Full Service Salon

Cypress, Tx - Full Service Salon

The Woodlands, Tx - Full Service Salon

Orlando, Fl - Full Service Salon

New locations for Balanced Foods opening in May are:

Missouri City, Tx - Retail

Tampa, Fl - Kitchen & Retail

Due to the dedication of our entire team through a challenging 2020, we are proud to have maintained a positive growth curve not just in UAV sales serving over 10,000 customers a week across the board, but increasing our unit footprint in multiple states across brands.

Where other brands within our categories in cosmetology / barbershops and food service have faced multiple unit closures or worse, going bankrupt all together, we have made great strides in continuing to serve the communities we have built strong ties within over the years.

Stay tuned, as we have more locations finalizing across the U.S. with confident franchisees eager to hit the ground running one of the strong brands we have built!

Interested in franchising one of our successful concepts in your market?

Contact us HERE!



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