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Team Member Highlight - Tyson Skinner

HAVE YOU EVER been to a business and the positive energy, smiles and genuine love for one's job by staff made you feel good and brightened your day? That's the impact Tyson Skinner has daily when you meet her.

Salon Manager at the franchised location of our concept, Tune Up "The Manly Salon" in Fall Creek in Humble, Tx, Tyson has been a key member of the team for a couple of years, and recently promoted to manager.

As a licensed barber, she is one of the best in the business and our customers will quickly tell you how much they love seeing her.

Franchise owner's Nate & Kelly Bartlett said, "Tyson always has a smile on her face, positive attitude and is willing to do whatever it takes for her team."

Ask Tyson what she loves about working at Tune Up, and she quickly said, "I love knowing I matter here to the company, owners, the team and especially the customers & that every day I get to make a difference. I really have my dream job!"

Nate Bartlett added, "She just 'gets' our culture. Her team loves her and customers do too. She's hungry to grow and not let off the gas pedal. We are so thrilled to have her on our team."

CEO Anthony Milton said, "Our greatest asset is our team, and those that serve our customers on a daily basis are the walking faces of the brand. This level of heart and buy-in can't be bought or taught. We are thriving and growing because we have a company full of Tysons, and couldn't be more proud."

It is because of our leaders like Tyson leading the charge in the communities we serve and driven franchise owners like Nate & Kelly Bartlett continuing our company culture daily, that we are not only still standing as a company ... but still growing.



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