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Turn-Key & Profitable In 60-90 Days

🇺🇸 Our proven turn-key franchise business model of 65+ locations across the U.S., has shown profitability in 60-90 days and $120k+ yearly average profit.

As entrepreneurs first, franchisors second, our drive is to succeed. So, we focus on helping those who share in that hunger.

ARE YOU an investment group looking for a profitable concept to add to your portfolio?

ARE YOU looking to secure a region for multi-unit franchising?

ARE YOU looking to become a single-unit franchisee?

If you answered YES, to either of those 3 questions, we would like to speak with you!

👉 CLICK HERE to contact us NOW!

You've probably found yourself going deeper down the rabbit hole of franchise opportunity research than you had hoped, with the same unanswered questions, if not more, on your list.

We get it and we understand your frustrations. How?

We were YOU at one point. Wanting to find a business model that made sound financial sense with a solid, proven concept.

Because we couldn't find any that measured up, well ... we built them ourselves.

Now having assisted countless franchisees through our Turn-Key system in multiple states, we are proud to experience continued growth, 60-90 day profitability all while continuing to assist existing franchisees in their multi-unit expansion.

At this point, have you simply wanted to talk to a proven expert who is willing to offer guidance and practical insights that can actually HELP YOU, without the sales pitch and high pressure tactics, find the franchise opportunity that fits?

Well, you've landed right where you need to be.

As entrepreneurs first, we empathize as your search has probably had to pivot in this economic challenge where many of the franchise models you were looking are no longer an option.

Our growth has not stopped. In fact, our sales are steadily increasing in addition to new unit acquisition.

Which is why we want to set some time aside to get to know YOU, YOUR goals, and what your success formula looks like.

Speed to profitability is key to the success and longevity of any franchise. We can help.




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